Thursday, June 24, 2010

Earaches and Hermit Crabs

My poor T ran into our room about 2am this morning with an earache.  I packed a lot of "just in case" meds, but the only thing that I had for him was some ibuprofen and Benadryl.  I don't think the Benadryl actually did anything for his ear, but it did help him got back to sleep.  He was pretty miserable.  I THINK he might.have swimmers ear.  His ear on the outside hurts, as well as inside.  We went and bought drying drops and ear plugs, but I can't keep that boy out of the water for anything. I just hope is doesn't stew and turn into something really nasty.

Other than that we are just enjoying doing, well, nothing.  Hanging out on the beach, collecting shells, treasure hunting at all the little souviour shops, and the boys have either been body boarding or hanging out in the pool.  It's a hard life, I tell ya!  I scared myself when I turned on the bathroom light this morning and thought my skin was yellow.  It wasn't.  I have a tan.  I haven't had tan in YEARS and YEARS. =)

Today was a great day on the beach. D picked up a piece of "stuff" that looked like peat moss from the bottom of the ocean and when he brought it up, it was covered with baby hermit crabs!!  Some of them were no bigger, shell and all, than a big piece of rice.  I had about 15 of them that would have easily fit on a half dollar.  They also found several big ones when they would dive down and feel around.  Very neat!


Rhonda said...

Earaches are no fun - hope he's feeling better. That sounds like a good, relaxing time you're having. :) Interesting about the Hermit Crabs!

Melanie said...

OOOO, can you bring back baby hermit crabs in a butter container??? I'm curious! If you push on that bumpy thing that hooks his face to his ear, and it hurts, it's definitely swimmer's ear. If you need, call my cell (We're at my mom's) and I can have Jen call in some antibiotic drops for him, if you also get the number of a pharmacy you might be nearby!! I'll have the cell with me tomorrow, just in case! Have a safe trip home!

Melanie said...

Just missed your comment on my blog, when I wrote a reply to GonSS--or I would have addressed your comment too--Glad T is on the mend--My kids will LOVE the goodies--hurry home, we miss ya!! AND btw--you KNOW you can call me ANYTIME!!!