Sunday, November 14, 2010

Preparing For Winter

We've been busy around here the past few weekends, getting ready for cold weather.  D has been talking about moving the bale ring out into the pasture, as well as bringing up bales closer. Hasn't DONE it yet, but....

We've also got the bunny barn cleaned out and organized.  D has plan on how to weather proof  it during nasty weather. They are totally out of the elements, but it IS open on one side.  I'm dreading winter.  It's just as bad as summer, but instead of having to take ice bottles out to cool  them off, we have to un-thaw each water bowl.  Maybe someday, we will have a air conditioned/heated barn.  Someday.

We have a bunny show in Harper on Saturday.  This makes me smile. We have OFFICIALLY been showing rabbits for a year. I remember how confused and lost we were at Harper last year. It's been a fun and exciting year to say the least!

The yard is dying off. Except for my lavender. Oh how I love that stuff.  Thinking I most defiantly will need to plant more of that around next year!

This time change threw us for a loop! I found myself wanting to cook lunch at 9:00. and by 9:45 I had kids screaming, thinking it was time for lunch. By real lunch time, they were falling asleep sitting up and crying and starving. Ugh. I think we are back into a groove again, but it took us a little bit.

 Basketball has started and Jake scored in the first "real" game of the season. My bleacher butt is's painful sometimes to sit at those games for so long!

Enjoy the last of the beautiful fall colors!


Sara said...

Is bleacher butt made worse by arriving two hours early for the game? LOL!! We have a few things we need to winterize around here too...including myself! I am not a big fan of winter.

Becky said...

HAHA ya...defiantly didn't help!!

Melanie said...

I finally feel like winter is on the way. .and that means so is Christmas!! Have a great week!

Rhonda said...

It's funny to think that not *that* long ago it was hot and we wanted coolness. Now we're headed into winter, and heat sounds good! LOL Hope you enjoy the show at Harper!