Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I just realized I never updated about our last round of babies.  Tristen is FINALLY a Dutch breeder!!

His Tort, Snickers, had 5 little fat babies.  She's been a wonderful momma, and they are plump and happy.

Any day now their eyes will open up! Its so funny to watch them when they start seeing the world.

His blue, Storm, also had 5 little blue babies.  They are beautiful.  She's been a good mom too, but is more protective than the other does.  If there are any hands in the box and she's immediately over, paws up on the lip, seeing what you are doing.   I waited to see just what she would do if I "over stayed" my welcome in the box yesterday, and she boxed my arm. ;)

 Twilight, a black, had 2 black babies, who are pretty fat and sassy too. Isn't her baby pictured above just adorable?

And this isn't a Dutch, but here's one of the four first Jagger babies. SO far, Jacob's been THRILLED with the color these guys have!!  Like bittersweet chocolate!!

So be watching for these little cuties on a show table near you..just as soon as they make weight! ;)


Melanie said...

They are sooo cute!! I'll have to show Cami your pictures!!

Rhonda said...

Ahhh! Cute! Yeah, that last one is purty. :)