Sunday, August 25, 2013


Does anyone read my blog anymore? It seems I've become a lazy blogger, but I swear I've been busy!

So school started, and all the craziness that comes with that. But that first day, as I was sad to see them go out the door, I had more done an hour later than had done all summer. Not really, but it sure felt like it!

I have a sophomore. Gulp. Almost half way though high school now.  Jacob decided NOT to play football this year.  Lots and lots of reasons why. I have mixed feelings. The football mom in me is sad, but JACOB'S MOM is happy. Happy he took a turn from the crowd and what you are "suppose" to do, proud he is thinking for himself and stuck with his decision. It will be diffrent this season, but I sure won't miss eating walking taco's 3 times a week! Work, 4-H, Youth Group, and gearing up for hunting season and trapping are all keeping him plenty busy.

I also have an 8th grader, who is in full swing football  mode. He's loving being an 8th grader and so far seems to love school...would probably love it more if his mother would get off his back about reading and getting a head on his accelerated reading goal.

I've been busy! I took a sanity summer and only watched a handful of kids. I'm now full again, and running my hind end off.  My container garden is still going strong. The banana peppers and green peppers are constant, as are the okra.  I got some tomatoes and then they just stopped, but after our beautiful rains we have gotten, they have started setting TONS of fruit again. They are not very big..they all seem to be around golf ball size at the moment, but that is just fine! I have plans to at least double what I have this year! I've enjoyed this way of gardening SO much!


My tomatoes are as tall as the fence but have laid over since all the rain. I need to get out there and tie them up.
Friday I had the pleasure..HA..of having a cyst removed from my scalp. I had been putting it off for a long time, but it had gotten so big that it was just time!  None of my big strong men would go with me. So, I did what any 34 year old anxiety ridden girl does...I called my mom! ;)  She went with me, held my hand, and didn't even complain THAT much when I squeezed her hand REALLY tight.  The worst part about the entire thing was the shots they give you to numb the area. I could tell when he was cutting, and could tell when he was putting my stitches in, but no pain. 5 stitches later, my ogre bump is gone and my head is round again! YEY!

Michelle is exactly one week from her due date. I'm sure she's feeling like a watched pot at this point, but man oh man I can't wait to meet this little boy! She came to visit Monday, and during one of our sisterly chats over the dining room table I just stared at her and smiled.  How can you tell someone exactly how much their life is about to change. How much joy this little boy will bring her. How you can love a little tiny wrinkled person SO much. Please continue to pray for a safe and easy delivery for her!

Thanks for checking in on us!! I have quite a few projects I've been working on the past month so..stayed tuned for that post!!