Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This Thanksgiving was a bit different for us. I guess I should start out by telling you all that earlier in the week, my dad was taken to the Hospice House, so my mom could get a little help and rest, and so dad could rest while healing a leg injury (He falls a lot these days) and have extra help, and hopefully eat some good food, put on a little weight, get a little stronger, and relax.

My husbands sister, his nephew and his momma flew in from SC and Florida, so a big Bruckner Thanksgiving was in the works. I couldn't remember just how long it had been since we have had a Thanksgiving like that, but I know Tristen has never experienced one.

It was an amazing day, surrounded by beautiful people. Cousins were loud, and laughing, and fighting, though never for very long. Cell phones were stolen, and selfies...perhaps over 60 of them in some cases, were taken on stolen cell phones.  Brothers and fathers were outside, deep fat frying a turkey. Prayers were said, and hands were held. Nieces and Nephews gave out hugs, and climbed up on laps, even if only for a moment. Sister in laws sat at the table with Danny's mom, and may or may not drank an entire bottle of wine, talking about nothing, yet talking about everything. A mean game of Pictionary on the Wii was started, and a war begun.

I am incredibly thankful and grateful for the family I married into, and for the memories made.

(My heart was a bit sad, as I thought about my sister, being away from her family for the first time in her life on this day. My parents were not even home--my mom had spent the night with my dad at the Hospice House, so she didn't have to fight traffic and would be able to spend the entire day with him. I was sad they would be eating off trays, and not the grand home cooked meal. I missed them all! But I am thankful my dad still here with, my sister is only a text away, and is still close enough I can see her whenever. I have learned this past year that that is ALWAYS ALWAYS SOMETHING to be thankful for!)

Only a small part of us:


Sister in Law Stacey is in the doorway, with nieces Victoria, and Chloe. The other woman is Stacey's mom. The guy in the navy blue shirt is Tony, Danny's brother. He is married to Stacey. Danny is cutting up the ham, with the facial hair and camo hat, and Jacob and nephew Caleb are watching. The woman in the red is my mother in law,  Diane.


Making sure Uncle Danny (or Dad) cuts that ham JUST right.


Tristen and Connor. Connor belongs to Danny's sister, Sarah. One of his memories  when he grows up will surely be of his crazy aunt who loved to stick her finger in his dimples. They are HEAVENLY!


Jacob and Caleb, who belongs to Tony.  Jacob was one of the tallest people at dinner, and was a bit miffed he had to sit at the kids table! ;)

And now....NOW the tree is up,  Jacob has hung our Christmas lights outside, and its socially acceptable for me to play Christmas music.

It's my favorite time of year!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Running By..

..To say HI!!!

Yep! Still here!!! I only realized this morning I hadn't updated since the race post. I'd like to tell you I have a good excuse...and I do...I'm living life! ;)

In a nut shell--Boys are keeping us busy as usual. The older they get, the harder they are to keep up with! We recently had family photos taken, and I can't WAIT to share them with you all!! We are receiving the moment, which makes me nervous,as I am suppose to spend the day shopping with my sister and Jayden tomorrow.  My sister in law, nephew, and mother in law are flying in as well...this will be the first Thanksgiving in YEARS and YEARS we will be with Danny's family, and ALL of his siblings and his parents will be under the same roof!!!Many MANY THANKFULS this year, but this is high on my list!

Promise to update soon!!!!