Wednesday, August 14, 2019

We Went To The Beach

*I published this in 2019, but this trip was for Tristen's senior trip in the summer of 2017

We just got back from a week of sand, surf, and shrimp at Galvestion.  It was an amazing trip, where we did a whole lot of NOTHING.

Our house was ocean front. A cute little shabby chic house on stilts, that swayed in the ocean wind. It felt like one of our little Kansas earthquakes about every 30 seconds.   I drank coffee on the deck every single morning, and Danny laid in the hammock every afternoon.

I was a little worried about the weather. Tropical Storm Cindy was suppose to hit while we were there. People started sending texts and checking on us, so I looked at the weather and chuckled. The part that was suppose to hit us was just a mix of green and yellow on the radar...a nice soft rain back in Kansas. There was one night where the rain woke up Tristen, as his windows had the metal shields down on them, and it was loud, and he said the wind was blowing the house pretty good. But we never heard it.

Tristen learned how to skim board on this trip. We had plans to go parasailing, and then had plans to go do surfing lessons, but he instead worked on mastering his board. We laughed a lot, and he got pretty bruised up from his attempts, but was pretty good at it by the time we left.