Friday, April 3, 2015

I Lost

A couple of weeks ago, Danny and I had went to our local health fair to have a lab work up.  We placed a $5 bet on who had the better cholesterol levels. I knew I had that bad boy already in the bag.

I lost.

By a lot.


ME!! The vegetable loving, greek yogurt eating, walking miles, race loving, ME ...LOST to my 3 at a time Jeno pizza, hostess donuts by the bag eating, bacon loving,  husband


I opened up that envelope and ugly cried at my table. Danny quickly assured me he was SURE it was not so much as my diet, as it was my genes, and to make an appointment with our Dr.  He was right.

This scares me so much.  My grandmother and my father lost their lives from cardiac issues, as did one of my grandmother's brothers, at a really young age.

This wasn't going to happen to me. Come on! I don't smoke, eat pretty healthy already, I've lost weight, read labels, I give Danny so much crap for what he eats. I exercise pretty faithfully spring-fall..(Stupid winter)

I feel a lot better now that I have a plan with my Dr.

 I was so stinking blindsided by this, and I really should have actually been expecting it.

I've also begged both of my siblings to go get theirs checked.

Danny's cholesterol numbers and some of his other tests weren't that whoopy either, so our kitchen has had a major food purge.

Let the adventures begin!!

Please pass the oatmeal...and the fish oil.

Bottoms up!!

BTW--have YOU had YOUR cholesterol checked lately?