Friday, May 8, 2015

Praire Fire Spring Half

Last Sunday I checked off a bucket list item. To finish a Prairie Fire race.

Back in December, during a random evening I was feeling very ambitious, I signed up for the back to back challenge. This means I would do a race in the spring, and then one in the fall, and come home with special swag if I completed both.  And I love me some swag.   So, I chose a 5K for the spring, and a half marathon for the fall.  

The weekend and race were amazing. Lori and I took off on Saturday.  We shopped, ate new food, and giggled randomly in the darkness when we should have been sleeping.

The race was just a wonderful experience. This was the biggest race I've ever done. With the 5 and the half, they announced there was 2,400+ runners.

I ended up taking over 4 mins off my last 5K time.

Which I will take!

This winter, after an attempt to run on a really cold day, I noticed I was wheezing.  Not long after I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma.  (Yes, my post before this was about my cholesterol. I'm a mess.) This has taken me a little bit of getting used to. All this time I was convinced the reason I couldn't breathe was because I was fat and out of shape..which is still true!  But I ended up being a little shocked at just how much AIR I WASN'T getting. It makes a world of difference when you can breathe!

These are the only race pictures that will see the light of day. My other ones...well, ..have you ever seen the beginning of Turner and Hooch? I look like the dog running in slow motion.  Don't remember?? Here..

Lori won 1st in age group!  

I'm excited for the fall race!!! Remind me I said this later!! ;)