Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ha Ha Tonka State Park and Bridal Cave

Wednesday we ventured into town, for groceries and a bit of sight seeing.  I've had Ha Ha Tonka park down on the must-do list since we booked this trip. Mostly..because it looked beautiful. And it was FREE. HA!

It didn't disappoint! We were able to make it to the castle ruins, the springs, the natural bridge, and did 1.75 mile trail before rain caused us to leave. We went back the following day and saw the river cave.   We saw many different kinds of wildflowers, and mushrooms, wildlife here and there, animal much fun!










When we got rained out of Ha Ha Tonka we decided to go tour Bridal Cave.

Oh gosh. It was so pretty.  The Indians used to crawl though and marry in front of the columns. They used to knock on them in celebration, and due to this there are chunks taken out of some of them. People still get married in there today.  Our guide told us they have had brides with trains that go back around in the cave, to brides in bikinis that come in off the lake.

One of the things I loved most about this cave was Mystery Lake.  They took out a small section out  so you can look down on it. Its called this because..its a mystery to why or how there is wood and a ladder at the bottom.  The lake is 20 foot deep.  They took a team down to carbon date it, and it started disintegrating when they touched it. So they just left everything.



I highly recommend a stop to these places if you happen to be in the area!!

Thanks for checking in on us! I have a an update in the works! Stop by again soon!!


Rhonda said...

Enjoyed the pictures! Except for the spider. LOL :)