Monday, February 13, 2012


I seem to have a case of the blogging blahs. But I think its just because that's just how I've been feeling. Blah. I seem to get like this every year around this time. I thought this year would be different, since we've had an amazing warm season so far.  As I write this, snow is blowing and we are suppose to have freezing drizzle in the morning. I AM very thankful for the moisture we've all prayed for, even if it means tolerating the cold. =/*

It probably hasn't helped that a big weekend get a way to a rabbit show that we had been looking forward to was canceled. Jacob had stayed home from school most of the week fighting strep throat. While he was feeling better and no longer contagious, it was pretty apparent the evening we were to leave he just wasn't ready for a big trip. This infection really smacked him down.  I knew we had made the right decision when he didn't hardly argue about staying home. 

Saturday we did make a little day trip out of town for some supplies we needed and a stroll around Petco, where we walked out with 2 handsome new male guppies, and a snail for our fish tank.  It WAS nice to get away, until Tristen started complaining about his head hurting and his stomach "going up and down", which we finally figured out were stomach cramps.  I fully expected him to be down with strep, but he ended up being just fine.

We ate at Applebees for lunch, where we were greeted by a cute little server, who looked EXACTLY like my sister. So much, in fact, I managed to sneak  a cell phone picture of her, just to send to my family.  We sat all through our meal pretty much staring at her with our mouths hanging open, and I am quite sure she breathed a sigh of relief when the family of freaks at the high table left.  I almost went over and talked to her, and to show her a picture of her look-alike, but I'm a chicken and didn't. They say everyone has a look-alike in this world, and Michelle's works at Applebees!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!!



Melanie said...

I hear you on the Blah part!! Glad you had a good Saturday trip!! One of the frogs is out this morning. We all laughed out loud to watch him swim up, up, up and then go down, down, down. We're sure he is looking for a way out :-) Hope the second one comes out soon!!

Rhonda said...

I hope everyone gets well at your house. That's interesting about your waitress! Would love to see that picture.