Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dodge City Days 5K

Saturday morning my best friend Lori and I headed to Dodge to participate in the Dodge City Days 5K.

Why is this a big deal? Well, you would just have to know our track record for girls day out isn't very good.  I know we've made it to at least one, in crappy weather and we should have probably just stayed home that time! Someone always seemed to be sick, or the weather uncooperative.   The last time we planned to do something together, we were suppose to go Christmas shopping. We buried my Dad that day instead.

I got to her house, 30 mins away, around 6:20am, and then we headed to Dodge.

Those of you that are familiar with Dodge City, the course was UP second street (street by the steer.),  around the school, through part of the civic center, around some residential area, back down by the school, and DOWN second street to where we began. 




Feel the burn!!

I had a certain time I wanted to hit. I didn't hit it, but had just over a 15 min mile through the entire race. Which I don't find bad for a occasional run/ mostly walker going up and down hills, but I was still a little bummed.  I stayed with Lori for about 10 seconds as we started. Ever see a Yugo race a Corvette? It was a bit like that.  Me: I'm running. I'm staying with everyone. Look--there's Lori. Hi, Lori!!..This is going to ROCK.....Ahh, lungs are burning... do blood clots burn? ...can ankles snap off??...that 80 year man just passed me...walking is cool... No shame in walking.

The hills were wicked and my calves were burning just  walking to the line to begin. As I got into it, I was SURE my phone app wasn't working and that I was probably at LEAST half done.  About that time, the app kicked on, telling me I had gone 0.60 of a mile. =-O I'm sure my tears were just mistaken for sweat. hehe

Hills or was A BLAST!!! 

Lori got 1st for her age group, and I didn't come in last.


While walking the strip of sidewalk that had farmer's market type tables set up, I found a lady selling Iris bulbs, and came home with Mariachi Music, Vandal Spirit, Silver back, Keeping up Appearances, and Feature Attraction. I can't wait to see how they all do!

Thanks for the great day, Lori!! =) When can we do it again??


Melanie said...

AWESOME!! sounds like a GREAT girls trip. .and a successful one!