Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Momma Brag!

Ok, so yes, while I do love both my kids exactly the same, sometimes I feel as though T gets shadowed out. So, this post is dedicated all to him and his accomplishments lately!!

Last night at 4-H, T gave his very first project talk ever. Those of you who know T and the struggles he has had with anxiety know what a HUGE accomplishment this was for him. His talk could not have been more than 30 seconds long, and we had to drag his rabbit there to show while he did his talk, but as he finished up his talk and was answering questions, just for a second I felt my eyes fill up with tears as I looked at him up there. He’s made progress this year with leaps and bounds. It’s been amazing to watch. I never EVER thought we’d get to the point where he would get up and talk like that. That is the reason he did not go out for 4H till this year…he was worried about the project talk.

He is also leaving Monday to go to Wild Horse Camp, which is 3 days. This doesn’t worry me much as Melanie is camp nurse, so I know if he has any problems he will find her. Though I don’t think he’s going to have any…it just makes his mom feel better.

He’s doing great at baseball. He got to play catcher last night at the game and again hit the ball every time he was up to bat. He still worries a bit about messing up, which is T’s biggest downfall…he worries to much about imperfection. He’s still figuring out which position does what, but he’s doing so great.

I think he’s awesome!


Anonymous said...

I see changes in both boys, and there have been some BIG changes! Amazing watching them take on their own personalities isnt it? We are so proud to be gparents to these awesome boys!

princessdiva said...

Yeah for T!! So far that has been the most fun for parenting with us, is just to see the growing, albeit some days REALLY slowly!! He'll be fine next week! And so much FUN he will have, my boys are pumped, Heck, so am I--looking forward to no phones, relaxed pace and a little nature watching!

Becky said...

Yeah...I think you deserve the no phone and relaxed pace!! =-) Hopefully you won't have to put any of your medical skills to use while you are there.