Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Misc. Ramblings

The big ol’ bus came and picked up the kids again. I can not believe summer is over. Summer always seems to go so fast, where as winter always drags on forever.

Friday I took a shopping trip with my sister. We had a good time, got some good deals, and everyone was pleased with what I came home with. We had an awesome lunch at Red Lobster, where we even made room for dessert. We then rolled our way over to Target. I wasn’t sure I was ever going to need to eat again after that meal.
I don’t get to spend enough time with her, and with school and sports coming up I was happy we got the chance. We laughed a lot, told some secrets, and just enjoyed being with each other. She’s turning into a really amazing person and I am so happy she’s my sister.

Sunday we got up at 5:30 and headed to Wichita. We met up with Sam and Marion Oller and then headed to Newton to pick up some new rabbits for J. (At the fair, J’s rabbit judge told him that his rabbit has small bones, so he has been on the hunt for a doe to “counter act” this, and that’s what he got!!) He got a big ol’ proven doe that looks like she could take off your arm if you made her mad. I call her Big Mama. He also got a Jr Doe and a Jr Buck, so that means he now has 2 does and 2 bucks to play with. Hopefully he can get what he needs to out of these for some good rabbits to show!! He was pretty happy. The man that sold these too him was an older man, and J really learned a lot. He gave him some hints on feeding, as well as what to use on their fur right before they are shown at a show. (Pantene Pro-V!—who knew!?!)
After going to Newton we hung out at the Oller’s house for a bit and looked around their rabbitry. They show mini rexes, which is what T is doing now, so T had really been looking forward to this. They have some awesome rabbits and it was cool for us to see some set ups!! It was a fun day! I’m starting to see that rabbit people are really best understood by…other rabbit people!! =) We have met some amazing people who are always eager to help you.
Both boys are showing at the State Fair this year. T is too young yet to do it at the 4-H level so he’s showing in the open class youth show, while J is showing at the 4-H show. This means we have rabbits to drop off/pick up on different days, at different shows, on different weekends!! Yow-za.
J is doing showmanship at the state fair also. This is a HUGE deal to him…even more so than showing his rabbit.
We had a couple weeks of quiet time, but it looks though things are picking back up again now!!


princessdiva said...

Sam and Marian are neat people!! Glad you guys had such a great trip and learned alot! Enjoy the fair!

Michael said...

Jacob and Tristen.............Grand-pa is so proud of what you fella's have done with your 4H projects!! Listen to any advice the 'old timers' can give you and you will be taking the purple ribbons for years to come.
Love you,