Friday, August 28, 2009

Week Reflections

Well, Chewy is back out in the lot! He is about 95% back to normal! He is DEFINATLY seeing, however, I don’t think it’s quite what it was before. But he sees enough to get around just like he did before all this happened. I’ve decided that there must be guardian angels for animals, too, because everyone is shocked he made it! We are happy, and the boys have their little buddy back. We’ve pretty much concluded he did indeed clench his chompers down on the electric fence.
I’ve been a canning mad woman. I’ve made more salsa, and Melanie had brought me some jalapenos to use, and I didn’t use all of them, so of coarse I had to make another batch so they would not go to waste!! ;-) I’m finally getting room back in my freezer but still have at least a couple more zip lock baggies full of tomatoes. I have this weird OCD thing….it is THRILLING me to no end to see those pretty sealed jars all lined up in my cupboard!! Hopefully I’ll be able to let go of them and use them! hehe
My husband ordered me 10 lbs (!!) of bing cherries at the grocery store so I’ll have to experiment with some different cherry recipes! The store has had them on sale the past few weeks, with the weeks being the best a 2lbs for $3, but every time I went in there to buy some they were sold out. So, D went down to get me raincheck, so that even though the sale is over, I can still get them at that price. I wasn’t, however, prepared for him ordering me 10 lbs worth, but that’s ok! That means more in the freezer!
New school year is off to a great start. I’ve said it before, but I really love having the boys home on Fridays! They’ve gotten a bit slower now with getting up, so the new is wearing off. It almost takes a bomb to get J out of bed in the mornings, and he waits till I am almost yelling at him before he gets up.
We are getting geared up for the State Fair. This weekend we have to separate some of the buns, as we have 2 of the does together. Well, we have one that is eating the majority of the food that’s to be for BOTH of them, and she’s getting a bit too plumb. She’s at the weight right now she needs to be at, and we still have 2 weeks till the fair. So we’ll move her, and put her on a bit of a bunny diet.
We looked at the fair schedule and it looks as though we are going to be going to the fair *5* times before it’s all said and done. Well, I say that, but I think D will be doing most of it. I think I only have to go 3 times. Hehe Next year, if they decided to show again, it should be lot easier because T will be old enough to show in the 4-H show with J. The open youth show and the 4-H show are on different weekends.
J also gets to take his cherry cookies he made for the county fair! He’s excited about that!
We’ve got some projects planned for this weekend, so the plan is to try to get as much of my housework and laundry done so I can play outside with the men!
Have a great weekend!!


princessdiva said...

RAINCHECK!! What a novel idea--I have been mad because I never could get any either--but I never thought about asking for a raincheck! We have about wiped out your jar of jelly! It was delicious! Will try to remember to bring my Ball book over Monday so you can check it out! Don't know why I didn't think about that earlier!