Thursday, October 8, 2009

Red Leaves and Pumpkins

Fall is here in full force, I believe. I’ve dug out my warm pj’s and we’ve turned our heater on. I didn’t want to do it, but it barely got over 65 degrees in the house yesterday. T was thrilled and took his blanket, laid over the top of the vent and says “It feels just like Christmas!”

J has been super busy. He has had something going on every night this week. He finally got over that weird bug he had, but continued to run a fever at least once a day for 4 days.

T visited a pumpkin patch in Turon yesterday with his class. He got off the bus and ran to tell me he had bought me a Halloween present. I thought he had probably bought one of those warty gourds, because we had just been talking about them that morning, when he pulled out a candle. He spent most of his money to bring his mom home a candle!! My eyes filled up a little bit and I had to give him a big squeeze!! He was very proud of himself, and I think I am going to start having T help his Dad out when it come to shopping for gifts for me. T just knew I would love this candle because it’s homemade and smelled like cinnamon.

We’ve expanded our little wanna be cow herd. We bought a cow/calf from a friend of ours. The cow is named Rosie, and her calf we named Kirby…get it? in Kirby Meat? He will be being shipped off probably right after we get back from our vacation in the summer. Rosie has been with a bull for a couple of months and we are hoping she will give us a calf in the springtime. She is an escape artist and doesn’t seem to realize what exactly those fences are for, so this weekend we will be re-doing fence. Chewy doesn’t seem to know what to think about these big animals we’ve thrown in with him. We are not sure what it is he thinks he is, but it’s defiantly not a cow. (I think he really thinks he is a four legged human. He rubs D and I like the calves do their mamas) He ran through the fence and got out the first day we had them in there because they scared him so bad. He’s slowly got a bit more tolerant of them, but they can’t come anywhere near him or he bolts.
I added a picture of the newbie cows...and Chewy in the background doing what he does the best...eating!!

We have 3 does that are due to have babies with in 2 weeks. Two of the three we are not holding our breath on. But we are hoping all of them took. Fall is an “iffy” time to breed because if the rabbits do not get enough light during the day they will not breed. (This is a trait from the wild…they do not want to have babies when it is cold.) This is D’s second attempt to breed his flemish giants, and if his buck didn’t “score” this time, I believe this is his last strike and he will try to find him a new home. (This poor buck seems to understand the game, he just can’t “slid home”” to put it nicely.) Time will tell, I guess. This will be our last attempt for babies until spring.

It’s supposed to really get cold this weekend, so I am going to go pick all my green tomatoes and see what I can get done with them. And I was informed we are running low on Cherry Jam so I need to get some more of that made.

Sunday my family drug me to the city wide last chance sale. I hate going to those as it seems my family always seem to have the need to bring home more junk into our house that I find 6 months later and toss in the dumpster. However, I was happy I went this year. I found an awesome basket, a case and a half of canning jars, as well as 2 really cute antique canning jars that just look fabulous on my kitchen shelf. I also learned something at this sale…there are a bunch of freaks in our county. I saw a lady with 2 trash bags and a toilet paper box full of junk heading to her car.

I do, however, love to garage sale. Nothing thrills me more than finding a bargain. I like to do this alone, or with a friend…never EVER with the husband or children. ;-) We were at a football game in Dodge this year and I didn’t get to go to any of them.

Enjoy this beautiful, colorful, fall! Soon it will all be gone!


princessdiva said...

Just checked the weather and looks like you won't have any fun fixing fence in 40 degree, drizzling weather--nor will I have any fun planting the last box of bulbs I received today in the mail! HaHa on Kirby! Good name. Hope they grow well and get fat for ya! Can't wait to smell that candle one of these mornings!

Anonymous said...

Lucas loved the cow picture. Too cute

princessdiva said...

Becky--you gotta check out this blog--she is right up your alley--think I may add her to my blog list too--neat posts!!