Sunday, March 13, 2011

3rd in State, BABY!

Today we rest, after an insane, intense, JOYFUL, and EXCITING weekend of basketball, where we watched our high school girls bring in the 3rd place trophy!
I won't even try to detail everything out, but some of our highlights included: a trip on a chartered bus, where I  added to my growing list of things that make me yak, or ALMOST yak, face paint, naked chested high school/jr high boys just OOZING with school pride, posters, windshield paint, a motel stay where there were probably 10 other families from our county, sister hugs, Shamrock shakes from McDonalds...(Tristen and his mom just might need a 12 step program for our Shamrock shake "problem")....I could go on and on, but I won't. Be thankful. But here are some of my favorite pictures:



The Days INN Pep Squad

Can you BELIEVE these refs, Auntie? If I could talk, I'd be yelling at them too!
Chelle getting her medal.
3rd Place!!

M talking to a reporter after the game.
What does EVERY girl need after a weekend of hard b-ball? A giant slab of pretty much raw cow and the enjoyment of grossing out her big sister. 

 It was so much fun with many memories made and today finds me kind of sad basketball is over. Can't wait until next year!!

Love ya, #5! 


Sara said...

Way to go Lady T-Wolves! It was, indeed, a fun weekend!!

ragtime4361 said...

So very proud of our girls! And, so glad that our community stood so solidly behind them! Emporia certainly knows that South Central fans were present in their town! I'm sure McDonalds will never be the same!!
Basketball rocks in South Central schools!!!

Melanie said...

What a great time! Love the naked JR high beach bodies in-cognito ;-0

Rhonda said...

It was wonderful to see them do so well! That was a lot of excitement packed into a few days. :) Congratulations to them all!