Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Summer Dreams

My Summer Dreams garden from High Country Gardens arrived last week...a WEEK EARLY!

They are so pretty and green and happy, even in the shipping box!! Everything I've ever ordered from them I've been THRILLED with.

Dan worked up a new flower bed for me in our front yard, and after we figured out where to put these, I decided I would order another of the exact same pre-planned garden and mirror it right next to this one. It should fill this space in very nicely and I should have room for any other goodies I find this season!

My oh so sweet hubs measured and laid out exactly where I needed to plant my plants according to the handy dandy diagram.  

I can't WAIT to see what this garden does this season!!



Rhonda said...

LOL - I see you have a different "counter" now! :) I hope your plants grow, that sounds like it will look nice.

Melanie said...

You're gonna love it!! And so will the rest of us. .can't wait for them to get big!! That picture of Danny cracks me up with his yard stick. .you can't tell that he works with precision every day of his life can you!!

Liz D said...

How did your "Summer Dreams" garden grow? Would you post some photos?