Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

I spent Mother's Day sweating my behind off and I'm not sure my leg muscles will ever stop hurting!

Early that morning, while it was cool, we got 90% of the garden newspapers and mulched in with straw. We still haven't gotten that last little bit done, but plan to later this week or this weekend. That job stinks and is the very very worse thing about having a garden I swear. BUT--it sure beats weeding!

After that we headed to the farm.  Jacob mowed and helped Eric move some branches, and Tristen helped Kim mow. Danny worked on a section of the lot fence so we can kick Black Out into a bigger area. There's lots of grass out there for her to graze on so she should be thrilled.

Tristen also walked Black Out a little extra, and gave her a bath. He's got the spring show in 2 weeks, and really needed to start getting her used to the process of looking pretty.  We were both worried she's freak out. However, as soon as that water hit her and the shock of it passed, that little cow was in bovine heaven.  She loved it!! And Tristen loved GIVING it to her! They are just best buddies. ;)

While everyone was busy with their projects at the farm, it gave me a chance to break out the "old school" camera. I got the film sent off yesterday. I'm really hoping the pictures come out as nice as they looked through the viewfinder. And I can't TELL YOU how many times I would take a picture and then look at the back of the camera to "see" my picture like on the digitals. HAHA

Look what I found at a trip the local greenhouse! Happy Mother's Day to ME!! This is called a 'FanFare' Gaillardia. I have 3 that will be here any day now, but these are big and already had blooms on them, so I hauled two of them home! I've been trying to get one of these for 2 years and I will have plenty now!!

 I love how each little petal is like it's own little flower.

And just for the smile factor, check out how Tristen dressed to feed Black Out Sunday evening. ;)

He loves these boots SO much!

By the way, I really really DO love my oldest child, and would have lots of pictures of him too, but he seems to be going through a "mom is so annoying with all of her silly pictures and I just refuse to cooperate anymore" phase. 
I would have NO idea why.

Looks like we are in for some weather today! Pray for rain and that the severe stuff stays away!


Melanie said...

I love the fanfare gallardia. Mine has died. .and reseeded. .but they aren't the true fanfare plant anymore!! It makes a good cut flower in a vase too. .just in case!!

Anonymous said...

I love the boots. I really like the blue, way cuter than the green

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed all this! LOL about looking at the back of the camera. :) It's an ingrained habit, isn't it. Pretty flower plant, and I'm glad Tristen's enjoying his boots. Liked the pictures of him with his calf! Hope he has fun showing. :)