Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Livestock Show 2011

Today was the day Tristen had been waiting for since LAST fair season. He showed his VERY OWN bucket calf. 

First there's a lot of scrubbing, soaping, scrubbing--Jacob snapped a great picture of me and T while we were picking poop balls off her bum. Glamorous it is NOT! 

A high school 4-Her who shows cattle took pity on us and took Tristen under her wing. She showed him exactly how to dry her and also took the time to clip her in the areas needed, and over all just showed him how to primp her all up. I was very grateful to her!! (T had went to a clinic on this recently, but it was a massive amount of information thrown at him at one time. He remembered some of it though.)

 Here she is all dolled up and ready to go. She had strict instructions at this point not to poop, pee or lay down. She didn't listen.

Nerves suddenly hit. Tristen was very worried he wouldn't know what to do or where to go, so he took a little time out and sat with us in the stands, watching the lamb show. This gave him a better idea of how they were lining up and what the judge would ask him to do.

And then it was show time!

 I wanted to be a little bird out there !!

Tristen is talking and Black Out is behaving....SUCCESS!!!!

There were 3 exhibitors and the other 2 (who were both from out of town) took the top prizes,  but he did get to come home with a brand new rope halter.

I am super proud of him. Those that are involved in our life know the struggles Tristen has had with confidence and shyness, so it was a HUUUUGGGGE step that he even wanted to do this, knowing that he would parade out in front of everyone, and have to speak to a judge. 

I also learned that not only do I love fairs and rabbit shows, I also love regular livestock shows as well. I don't know why. I am NOT a competitive person and it's not really about the competition so much as it is the excitement and anticipation, the primping and grooming, the smells, the's so much fun!

Except the poop ball thing..that was kinda gross. At fair time, Danny's helping with the washing. ;)


Andi and Kurt said...

That high school girl you mentioned is AWESOME with it comes to young 4-Her's!

And I'm pretty sure nothing, nada, zip, zilch prepared me to wash a goat last year for the premium auction! But my baby was in tears and her goat wasn't cooperating - what else could I do. Thankfully there are no pictures!

Melanie said...

Glad you guys had a successful day!! Hoping Tristen felt like it was a good day too! Won't be long until it's time to do it again!

Rhonda said...

Way to go, Tristen! That's wonderful that he showed his calf! I'm really glad for him. :) Uh ... did you wear gloves while you were .... uh ... "grooming" Black Out?