Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

To this guy!! The guy who was half responsible for bringing me into this world, who taught me to love my roots, that's it's ok to have ice cream sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies for dinner sometimes.The guy that accidentally kicked me off the bed the day they brought newborn me home from the hospital. The guy that never let me fail and told me to "pull up my bootstraps" and to "keep plugging away" more times that I'll ever be able to count. The guy whose body gave out, long before it should have, but failure still wasn't an option so he put his mind to work when his body just couldn't any more. The guy that looked very handsome in his police uniform, and even more so in the tux on my wedding day.  The guy that become "pa-pa" and drove around bumpy pastures just to satisfy a 2 year olds request to "see the cows" and watched baby boys with earaches and croup so their mommy could go to work.  The guy who let a family live a dream. The guy I watched pull start a rototiller and till his garden 4 days after open heart surgery. The guy whose candy jar is NEVER empty. The guy we laugh with over things that really are not that funny, but it's how we cope.  The guy who never ever gives up.

And to THIS guy:

The guy that asked and I said yes. The guy who was in denial when the 2nd line appeared on the stick. The guy who got in trouble by the nurses in the hospital when he wouldn't put our newborn down.  The guy who teaches things girls just don't understand, and does jobs that girls just won't do.  The guy that eats and eats, but never outgrows his jeans. The guy that repeatedly tries to teach me football.  The guy that walked into my family and sat down and made himself cozy and never left.  The guy that stayed up the entire night with my father in the hospital, telling my exhausted mom and I to go home and sleep.  The guy that gets better as he gets older and teases me about my gray hair. The guy who is my best friend, and who gave me 2 amazing boys.



Rhonda said...

Love this! I'm sure they are priceless treasures in your life. :) Wishing the best for you all.

ragtime4361 said...

What an absolutely GREAT tribute to your wonderful dad! And, to your hubby! You have inherited his wonderful way with words, & use them really, well!

Sara said...

That should have included the following disclaimer, "READ AT YOUR OWN RISK: Crying may ensue!"

AWESOME of my very favorites of ALL time!

Megan said...

I agree, Sara! It takes tears to read this, Becky! What wonderful "Dad's" you have!

Melanie said...

LOVE IT!! Hope both your awesome guys had a great father's day! And just for the record. .it's really never ok to eat ice cream sandwiches and candy bars for dinner. .EVER HAHA :-) BTW. .can't believe how much you look like your mom in her side-profile wedding picture!! WOW!