Friday, July 1, 2011


This season has been awful.  Lack of rain with extra hot temperatures with plague like grasshopper populations have meant loss and heart ache all around.

I am thankful we only have our little tiny wanna be cow herd.  Because we only have to try to feed a handful of animals instead hundreds, though I do think we are getting low on grass for them to eat.   We know people who have sold off cattle because there is just no grass left and others have moved them many miles to borrowed pastures with grass. We've already talked about coming up with a plan to feed the cows this winter, trying to locate bales already. I'm worried we won't be able to find them or afford them later on. People haven't been able to grow crops and the ones that HAVE been able to grow anything, have had it destroyed by hoppers.

Another problem is what this has done to our wildlife. I honestly hadn't even thought about it, until I saw a very sad looking starving doe eating an attractant Jacob set out in front of his camera.  They are running out of food too.

Jacob may very well soon be their heroes--he took corn and apples out with him this morning.  Hopefully the ones around will come in and at least get a snack. We've also talked about about filling up a stock tank in another pasture for water.  It has no cattle in it, but close to the trees where I'm sure they, and lots of other wildlife,  would come in to drink. It's heartbreaking to think about anything not having enough food and water.

Pray for rain and relief!


Sara said...

It is definitely reaching catastrophic proportions! We are worried about our cows too...NOT the best year to have a drought...geez!

Rhonda said...

It's been so extreme this ear. Extreme flooding in some places, extreme drought in others. Extreme fires. Yes, praying for relief!

Melanie said...

I hadn't thought about the deer looking for food. That doe is PITIFUL!! We are ready for some rain too.