Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's FAIR TIME!! Entries are being judged as we speak.  This poem was just posted on Facebook and I though it was too perfect and wanted to share!


Tis the night before judging, and all through the house
the 4-Hers are scrambling– you can hear groans and shouts.
“My pie has run over!!”... “This paint doesn’t match!!”...
“Where did I put all those screws to that latch??!!”
The mothers are frantic–there are very few smiles.
“I’ll quick run to town– it’s just 30 miles!!”
The sink’s full of dishes to be washed in a hurry
for child #2 with a face full of worry.
“Where on earth did I put that chocolate cake mix??
Ah,,, yes, here it is.” (That makes attempt #6!)
Now in the meantime the sewing machine quit;
the heifer’s gone wild and the steer has a limp!
Just when you think that it’s way too much strife,
remember the lessons this might teach them for life.
Maybe they’ll learn to plan farther ahead.
Maybe there’ll work on their projects instead.
Perhaps they’ll believe that “It’s just one opinion”.
They’ll make the best better and they’ll just keep on trying.
Despite all the stresses and yes, dirty looks,
remember – this part is easy.


Tammy H said...

I so love this post. This has been my life for the last 13 years and in thinking about it I only have another 3 to go and then all the kids will be done. I am just trying to imagine my life without the stress of 4-H

Melanie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That WAS hillarious!! And no doubt about it. .funny that the stress and problems are so wide spread that someone wrote a poem about it!! SOO glad it is over for this year!

Rhonda said...

Great poem! That pretty much sums it all up! LOL