Monday, July 18, 2011

Jacob County Fair 2011

Jacob had a great fair.  His favorite projects this year were his rabbits and woodworking.

He took 8 rabbits.  Our fair board bought brand new cages last year for the poultry and rabbits and we didn't want them to just sit empty, so they decided that they would take whatever they wanted comments on or to qualify for state fair.

 He got Reserve Champ, with a black jr doe Havana named AJ. He got 6 blues, 1 red due to a hollow back end on a Californian, and a white ribbon on a little black Havana buck who has both testicles, one just hasn't descended yet.
He went head to head with his brother doing rabbit showmanship. Jacob ended up being the champion with 10 points ahead.  He got a really nice duffel bag at the awards presentation.

In woodworking, he made a gun rack out of cherry. He got Grand Champion on it, and gets to take it to the state fair.

In cooking, he made Snickerdoodles and Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies, and received state fair blues on both.

I was thrilled with his growth in photography this year. I saw him taking pictures of things that you normally wouldn't stop and say "I'd like a picture of that," just to see what the result would be. 

This is one of his favorites, and it got a state fair blue.

Another one of his favorites and it also got a blue.

He shot this one at one of Michelle's basketball games. It got a red.

 "Sandy the Squirrel" got a blue.

Also blue

And this one got a red.

Both the boys also did information display boards. Jacob did 2 and both got reds, but I think the only reason they did was because they had come home to eat lunch, thinking the judging was going to break for lunch..  The judge that was there was really big on talking with the kids. There was nothing but good comments written on the comment cards.

Overall it was a great fair! I think Jacob's going to change things up a bit and join a new project or two next year.  One he was talking about was "wildlife." Shocking, I know. ;)


Melanie said...

Glad Jake had a good year. I have to admit that the new projects Grant has tried have been refreshing and fun to have new things!! Bryce does wildlife too, you'll have to check on what they have done with it!

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed seeing Jacob's accomplishments! I saw that gun rack - VERY nice! :)