Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Cursed Bundt Cake

About a month or so ago, Tristen was looking through cookbooks and scouring the internet, on the hunt for the PERFECT something-something to enter in the fair for his foods project. He found an Apple Bundt cake that sounded pretty tasty, so it was put in the "to do" pile.

Our county does something called a food fair, where the kids bring what they are planning on bringing the fair, and a local lady "judges" it for them, giving them tips and suggestions.

The night before the food fair, Tristen makes his cake, turns is over......and the entire "top" is stuck to the bottom of the pan.  We piece it together and he takes it anyway.  The judge had some great suggestions for him, and was very helpful, but it was apparent that this would take a bit of experimenting with before fair time.
And I'm very thankful we made this cake before the fair...sometimes we don't and just wing it. Lesson learned. 

This cake has been make *4* times the past 2 weeks. The very sight of this cake now makes my stomach hurt.
We have tried:
Cooking spray--epic FAIL
Coated with butter--again, fail
Coated with Crisco--much better but still stuck quite a bit

BUT--today--TODAY 99% of the cake came OUT of the pan!! We used a different pan today, coated with butter flavored Crisco and flour.

Yes, I know it may be a bit TOO done,  but forgot to take time "off" for the dark pan, and we let it cook the entire time. BUT IT CAME OUT OF THE PAN!!!  The crust is not "hard" at all, just brown, and the cake is just right. AND IT CAME OUT OF THE PAN!  Next time Tristen is going to keep the apples more close to the center. You can see the various dark spots where the apples come out and cook on the pan, making areas more brown. That's also what happened to the area that stuck the most. BUT IT CAME OUT OF THE PAN!!

So while you are looking over those yummy and delicious cakes, cookies, pies, and breads that will be at the high school later on this week that those cute 4-H kids made, be sure to think about all the parents that cleaned up messes, and taste tested, and googled "how to get a bundt cake out of the pan."  =)

Anyone want a piece of Apple Bundt Cake?? Blah.


Melanie said...

Good work mom and Tristen. .and everyone who had to eat the cake over and over!! That's what I love most about 4-H. .life lessons!! And patience. .And perseverence. .and planning. .and making notes about what works and what didn't!! Awesome!!

Rhonda said...

Just the title made me laugh! I would love to try a piece. It looks delicious, thought I understand how you'd be getting "tired" of it by now. LOL Maybe they'll have a food sale on Wed. and I can get some of it? :)