Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lessons Learned From The Fair 2011

The fair is officially over.

Lessons learned:

1. Rabbits will need to leave the fair early when the temps are 108 degrees.

2. Cattle require lots of grooming.

3. Cattle poop. A lot. On each other at times.

4. See number 2.

5. Bundt cakes are evil.

6. Eating hot dogs for lunch, walking tacos for dinner and not nearly enough water drank, will result in a leg and foot that resemble a telephone pole. Yea..just one leg. I'm just cool like that.

7 Not eating dinner due to nerves from the approaching beef show, and then drinking multiple sodas at the community carnival and running around at top speed will end with vomit by/on your dads pickup.   Tristen is pretty sure his coolness factor went up becuase all his friends saw him barf.

8.  The fair is exhausting.

I'm not really sure why but this fair kicked our butts. Hard. I'm sure a lot of it was the heat. And added stress of having an animal in the beef barn for the first time ever. Not really knowing how things work or what to do is draining. 

We also had a lot of extra worry about our bunnies and ended up taking all of our bunnies home the day after they got there. I'm pretty sure we would have a lost a few of them had we not.  The judge that came to judge the poultry and the rabbits said most of the fairs around were on an "emergency order" due to the heat where the animals came to be judged and then went back home. 

And, because I love it when people keep it real, and because I'm feeling very brave today, let me show you what a picture of a 4-H family kitchen  looks like after the fair. I'd like to tell you this is from a week, but honestly, its from Friday thru Sunday.

 My boys had a great fair, and I'll work on posting their results soon!


Melanie said...

You are too funny!! I just finished uploading our fair pics. .some of our kitchen looked like that. .but I didn't take one of the OVERFLOWING sink! All I can say is WOW!! 6 food items + 3 boys = ONE NASTY KITCHEN!! I feel your pain! Interesting about the emergency order for the livestock! Crazy Heat!!

Andi and Kurt said...

I love it! And every word is the truth!

I swear our goats are more pampered than I am.

Glad you survived. =)