Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our 4th of July Weekend

Well, it wasn't exciting, but it was nice.  Since it's so dry in our county, there was a ban on all fireworks. My boys were B.U.M.M.E.D OUT.   Overall, though, t was just a nice relaxing weekend.   Danny BBQ-ed some pretty tasty brisket, using wood from our Mulberry tree to smoke it with.
Our county fair is next week, and the men used the evening to work/start on several fair projects. It seems to have snuck up on us AGAIN this year.

I'm not sure if there really is more wildlife this year, or if I am just paying more attention, but we've had several exciting sightings here the past week. 
It's kind of hard to ignore things when you have a wild life nut around like Jacob.

This little fawn has been all over our neighborhood. He was even napping in the neighbors yard yesterday evening.  I was a bit worried that he had lost his mom, as several times he has seemed frantic, but as relaxed as he was yesterday I think Mom must be around.  Perhaps... my garden?  This little lady I caught out of my kitchen window yesterday, just as the sun was coming up. She made me stop and quietly watch her, while she soundlessly made her way snooping through things. THIS doe, unlike the ones at the farm, looks like she's getting PLENTY to eat. ;)

And we've had loads of fun watching this little girl.  You can see the sprinkler going right beside her, but she couldn't have cared less.   It's all good when you have a built in umbrella. There are 3 squirrels that stay in our yard. One's a boy, one is a girl...not too sure about the other one, but Jacob can pretty much tell them apart just by looking at them.

My family has gotten really good about coming and getting me when there's a new bird in the yard. I THINK this one is called a Common Flicker. I had never seen one before, whatever it is. I'm getting a little better in identifying things a bit quicker.  The bird action has picked up a LOT this season. I noticed we have a handful of Orioles that are still making an appearance at least once a day.

Pay attention to the world around you! You'll just never know what you might see!


Rhonda said...

Enjoyed the pictures - LOL about the "built-in umbrella!" :)

Melanie said...

Love the deer! Without seeing her front. .I think you are right on the Flicker. They are cool looking birds. No doubt the water feature helps. .but I also think you are seeing more because you are looking more! One of these Sat we are going to have to make a birdwatching trip to Meade state park. .it is on my "to-do" list for the summer!!