Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tristen Goes DUTCH

A month or so ago, Tristen came to me and said "I don't think I want to do rabbits anymore." That's a BIG deal at our house! But a combination of some severe bad luck mixed with some bad mommas and peanuts, had him ready to throw in the Mini Rex towel. That guy tried for *2* years to get his program going, with NO LUCK. He's watched his dad and brother take off running, while he stayed stuck in the mud. I didn't blame him a bit. He gave all of his Mini Rex to his dad.
A few days later:
"Well, I think still want to do rabbits. Maybe Dutch. I'm really interested in them."

Lo'and behold, later that night on Facebook, a Dutch breeder and judge we know was advertising she had a jr buck would be a great 4-H project.  Hmmmm.

I contacted her and made arrangements to pick him at the Wichita show.  The day before we were to leave he showed me a picture of a blue Dutch. "I'll start with Blacks, but I'd really like have a blue someday."

So we go and meet Briony at the show. She shows us the little buck, who we all instantly love, and then...then pulls out this beautiful baby BLUE doe to show us. How funny is that? We came home with both of them.  He also bought another baby black doe from breeder Bob Bergene. He's got nice little trio now to work with, and has a blue sooner than he thought he would.

Meet Oreo, Storm, and Twilight
He got to show the little black buck at the Wichita show, and won Best Opposite Sex with him.
He can't wait for them to grow up.  Next year's show season should involve a lot of Jr Dutch!

Though the human is beaming, the rabbits find the paparazzi boring. ;)


Rhonda said...

This is wonderful - I hope he does great with them! That's neat that he could get a blue one as well. :)

Melanie said...

Glad he didn't give up all together! Will be exciting to see what happens