Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back To School 2012

Yesterday was the first day of school here! I was dreading it, but I'm finding I'm enjoying having a familiar routine again.

Jacob was off to his first year of high school. Holy Moly..I have a freshman.   He heads out the door at 5:30am for morning football practice, comes back around 7, takes a shower, eats breakfast, and heads back to school.  He started a new school, the same his Dad and I both graduated from...=)...and I hope it doesn't take him long to get it all figured out. 

This kid grew 4 inches in a year and is as tall as his dad now.  Insane. I now have to look UP as I point my finger...


Tristen headed in as a 7th grader.  He felt much more confidant this year since its his second year of middle school and he knows how things work now.  The only complaint that he has was that "ALL" the girls are taller than him, and he's SURE he will be short FOREVER...because isn't that what happened to his MOM?? HAHA  We assured him his time is coming and he WON'T be short FOREVER. 

Waiting on the bus-- the earliest he's been up since the day school got out!

He is playing his first year of MIDDLE SCHOOL FOOTBALL.  This will mean Danny and I will be traveling more, yelling more, and eating twice as much concession stand food this year, as we attend both High School AND Middle School games.

Bleacher butt, here I come!! 


Melanie said...

Hope they have a great year!! This one will stink for you, having activities in both schools will leave you ragged!!

Sara said...

Hang in there mom!! This phase will only last for a little while...so I am told! I can't wait to have one in elementary, middle school and high school {insert sarcasm!!}.