Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Birthday

This is actually the 4th birthday of the month for our family! Happy 10th Birthday to T!

T's birth wasn't as dramatic as his brother's. My pregnancy was very uncomfortable though.  Not only because I was chasing around his 2 year old brother around but I also had extra amniotic fluid and measured a month ahead from 6 months on. I was a dump truck.   Not fun.  T was born with white hair. Not blond. White.  And it was long and down his neck in the back, and nothing on top. It was bizarre. He really did look like an old man.  T had 2 emotions: content or furious.  ;-)  He had lots of tummy problems the first 4 months, and I was convinced I would never ever sleep more than an hour at a time or take a quiet shower  again.  Funny how far away those days seem now. 

Today, at 10, T still usually has 2 emotions, but he seems to be gaining more control of the furious one. ;-)  He's a nervous nellie--worrying about things I am not sure others even think about.(At the moment, he's worried about the sharks that are in the ocean and he doesn't think he wants to swim when we go to the beach the summer.)  He's extremely blunt.  He's one you don't ask if your butt looks big unless you can handle the absolute truth.   When he loves, he loves 125%.  He's funny and loves making people laugh.  I mean, REALLY making people laugh.  He does really well in school and this past progress report, he had better grades than his brother, much to J's disgust.  He loves sports and just started really participating in them. He was nervous about "messing up" in front of everyone and it really held him back.  That shell is really starting break now and it's nice to see him coming out of it.

He loves all types of music, loves to read, and hunting for rocks. That boy can spy a piece of petrified wood from 2 miles away.  He is in Geology in 4-H this year for the first time.  He also enjoys showing his bunnies, but is also happy to play outside with his friends at the rabbit shows. He's happy if he wins, he's happy if he doesn't.  Not quite to the obsessive and serious level his brother is at! He's a hard worker, and keeps up with most adults as far as yard work, hauling off stuff or digging. He recently  learned the truth about Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny.   He was crushed.  And I cried.  (There is no longer a kid in my house that doesn't know "the secret".)

Happy 10th Birthday, T-Bone!!


princessdiva said...

Happy birthday little man!! Feels like spring this morning!! Have a great weekend