Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ever have one of those days...

..where it starts bad and continues and then even ends bad?  That's what our Saturday was like. We were suppose to leave AT 5am to head to Hutch for the Salt City rabbit show.  I woke up at 5:05.  I discovered that we can all get up, dressed, packed and ready in 19 minutes when we are screaming and running around.  Of course, all that time I was working on my hair, so I wasn't that much help. (I had went to sleep with wet hair and pretty much resembled Medusa.)
 In fact as we were pulling out of the driveway I had to ask D who they had packed to take.  I had no idea.

We got there in time, but the show ended up starting over an hour we didn't really have to scream and run around after all.  We discovered we forgot our chairs.  They had no extra chairs there, so by the end of the day our backs where killing us from standing on concrete and our knees were aching from kneeling down.  
We didn't have much to take because we have does that are either nursing babies or getting ready to have babies.  J's Californian doe he took got DQ'ed the first time she went on the table.  Little stink broke off her tooth sometime recently. It is a bad break and we are not sure if it will grow back or not. =(  His buck he took, Truman, got wonderful praise from the first judge and we heard what a beautiful boy he was.  The second time he went up  the judge told him he didn't like Truman because he didn't have an ass. Seriously, that's what he said.  It just goes to show that you really just are there for a persons opinion and that opinion can vary greatly from one judge to another.  

The bad day continues when they were judging for Best In Show for the first show, and we didn't hear them announce it.  We missed getting the buns to the table.  Poor J had a meltdown. 

The good parts of the day where J's Havana got Best of Breed in both shows.  Each time a rabbit earns a 1st in its class (There are several other ways too.)  and there are 5 rabbits with 3 different exhibitors, that rabbit earns what is called a "leg."  After your rabbit has 3  legs, you can register it and also "Grand" him as a  Grand Champion.  This pretty much gives you bragging rights by getting to add G.C to their pedigrees and also means you can charge more $ when you sell it or their babies.  T's Castor Mini Rex is waiting to be registered, but J's Havana won 2 more legs yesterday, giving him 3, so we now have 2 that can be!! 

I sat and watched the boys at the show yesterday and felt joy. They've both made  friends with a lot of other kids that show buns and it's really cool to watch their friendships grow with each show.  It was nice to "eavesdrop" and hear them talk about their different 4-H clubs and bunnies, who thinks who is cute, and so on.  T also made fast friends with the husband of a rabbit breeder. He is an adorable man with this wonderful, thick, British accent.  He will be 80 years old on his next birthday and accompanies his wife to rabbit shows, but says the only part he has in "her" hobby is carrying in the sacks of feed, which he informed D, grow heavier and heavier with each birthday you have.  Anyway, he brought a metal detector with him, and he and T spent a couple of hours scouring the state fairgrounds for treasures. T only brought one rabbit to show, so I think this man was my angel yesterday. He kept T busy, engaged, and entertained for a long time. I thought it was wonderful both that he took the time to do this with an ornery 10 year old, and that a ornery 10 year old would think an 80 year old is "soooooo awesome!"   The two made quite a pair!

Our day ended with D walking in the door carrying in a 6 hole rabbit carrier in one hand, a soda in another, tripping and dumping soda into the carrier and all over our entryway and carpet.  Nice.


princessdiva said...

Oh, Mama said there'd be days like that, days like that, mama said!
Sounds like the rabbits continue to do well overall, and the kids are still living, learning, and having a great time! And, yeah, I get the bad day thing :-)