Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Birthday

Happy 12th Birthday to J!! Wow! Was it really 12 years ago I was experiencing the pregnancy that refused to end??  That seems amazing to me.

J's pregnancy was dramatic, his birth was even more so and absolutely terrifying. One afternoon my sister in law and I sat and talked about  how our kids' births reflected their personalities in some ways and its true with my boys.  J's birth was like him in that he was not about to do things by the books, and he has a round about way of doing things, and that includes being born. ;-)

J has really grown up this past year.  He's almost as tall as I am.  He plays football, basketball, track, participating in Quiz Bowl, Math Contest, music and band and is taking his very first vocal solo in a couple of weeks, loves 4-H and youth group, showing his bunnies and shooting things with his BB gun. Started collecting stamps this past year, and enjoys digging through things, searching for old stamps.

Next year he'll officially be a teenager.... Gulp.

We are having an "off" April this year.  I did something I said I would *NEVER* do.  We are having a combined party this year for our family for both of the boys since they both have April b-days and everyone seems so busy these days   So, J's birthday really hasn't seemed like his b-day since we haven't done much "partying"  today, but I guess it will this weekend when we dig into a camouflage cake....again--another moment you know you have boys in your life is when you order a huge camo birthday cake!


Michael said...

Jacob is becoming such a 'grown-up' young man. I remember well the first time I was able to hold my first grand-child. Hard to believe that he is already twelve years old. Both boys have good ambitions and I am proud of them for all they have become involved with. In many ways you can tell they are sincerely other ways they each have their own distint personalities. Wouldn't have them any other way. You and Danny can take a lot of credit for being involved in the lives of your children. Love ya all!! Dad

princessdiva said...

Oh my gosh. . .was YESTERDAY J's birthday?? If it was I feel so rude!! I didn't even wish him happy birthday!! We had a great time yesterday--must do it again sometime!

Sara said...

It's so exciting, yet heartbreaking to watch our kids grow up!! Enjoy your last year as a mom to NOT teenagers!!!

Rhonda said...

Best wishes for the boys for their birthdays! I would think a camouflage cake would be FUN to make. :)