Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Saturday we had our combined parties for J and T's birthday's.  It was a nice evening filled with family, fun, and food, to quote my little sister.  The boys got a nice "stash" of money they put back into their "vacation fund."  It was OK having one party, but I won't be doing it again. I thought since my boys were older having a combined party would be fine. (It just doesn't seem to have that special day feel to it on their REAL birthdays.)  Anyway, we grilled hamburgers, and each boy got a steak that they had picked out, pasta salad, homemade french fries, camo birthday cake, and ice cream!!

We've been busy out in the yard. It's amazing the difference getting some old shrubs and trees out of the way makes.   Everything is so bright and open.  I've ordered my flowers for one of my new beds. The men will need to finish getting it all cleared out this week so I can plant them when they arrive.    J and I took off Saturday morning to the green house in Protection.  I got a bunch of herbs, some of the stuff for our garden and some flowers.  J brought home some strawberry plants. We have never had good luck with strawberry plants, but we are going to plant them in the ground this year instead of  growing them in containers. He's really into gardening this year and I just LOVE it.     My herbs I planted over in a space by our garage that has never had anything "purposely" grown in it. Not sure how they will do over there, but they sure do look pretty right now all green and mulched in.

Today is J's last quiz bowl meet.  Track is full swing and though J is enjoying it, we are all just ready for summertime.  T brought home his baseball sign up papers and had a small meltdown when I reminded him we were taking a break from sports this summer.   The taxi, the taxi drivers, and  wallets need to regroup! =-)


princessdiva said...

There's nothing that screams spring like pretty little green plants and new mulch!! Wondering what kind of herbs you decided on??

Becky said...

There is Rosemary, Peppermint, Parsley, Sage, Garlic Chives, hot and spicy Basil, and Cilantro. I also plan on putting lavender over there, (Got it ordered with my pre-planned garden!)
Not sure if they will survive over there or not. Guess I should have read up on them BEFORE I bought them! =)

Rhonda said...

Glad you all had a good party for the boys' birthays. That cake looked neat! Also enjoyed reading about the yard and plants and things. :)

princessdiva said...

word of warning-I am ripping out my garlic chives this summer because they have spread EVERYWHERE!! Be careful with those. Also the peppermint can be VERY invasive, so sometimes is good to put it in a bigger nursery pot and bury the pot in the ground to help contain its evil little roots. The rest should do fine!! Should have read this before I brought the lavender over :-) hope you enjoy it, and hope ya had a great birthday!