Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a super Easter.
Got up to discover the boys had raided the baskets early and went back to bed.  The Easter Bunny loaded them up!!  Each had a Dove chocolate bunny--Yum, Moms favorite! How did that bunny know??--and misc. packages of pure sugar. (and PEEPS!)  He also brought the boys each a package of seeds to plant and  a new bible, which they loved.  J's is a bible for teens, and it has lots of things to think about it in it. I've seen him reading it a lot, and it's struck up some very nice conversations.  T loves his bible because it's "very cool" and has a metal camo cover. He had some very interesting Easter questions this year. I love those questions where you KNOW the wheels are turning inside those heads. (Sometimes I am convinced those wheels are rusted shut! hehe)
We attended a great church service with some wonderful music. I'm told some of it was better than "Hannah Montana."  ;-)  Later we went to a friends home for wonderful food and relaxed and hung out for a bit, came home and just kind of tinkered around the yard and the house.

Did I mention it was a wonderful day?


princessdiva said...

Fun day for sure--we hope you make it back sometime!

Rhonda said...

Glad you all had such a good day - I enjoyed this post! That's fun about your boys and the "wheels turning," it is nice as kids get older and you can have some really neat conversations with them. :)