Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Updates

Oh, COME ON! You KNOW you've just been DYING to hear updates about my baby buns! ;-)
The Hotots are 6 weeks old now and next week I'll probably start weaning them. They are adorable! There are 3 bucks...well, 2.5...the sport we were convinced was a buck, but we change our minds back and forth.  In the rabbit world, we like to say "the sex fairy visited overnight."  Its frustrating. (Those you of that have never sexed a rabbit, it is very challenging!)  Anyway,  they are MJ--the sport, Max, and yet to be named. (Any suggestions??)   The does are K8 (Kate) and Diva. Diva is the one I'm most excited about getting on the tables.(Diva got her name because she sleeps with a leg sticking straight up and bent, like she's doing a Leggs commercial!)  She seems have to head like her dad, and is the smallest of all of them--which is a great thing with Hotots.  Hopefully I can start showing them soon!!

J also has a litter of  4 Californians at them moment that are 2 weeks old.  We bought a proven brood doe almost a year ago trying to get some size in his herd.  This ugly doe has thrown some of the most amazing babies we have ever had and I can't wait to see how they develop.  He will choose one, maybe two to show with.  He also bred a newly purchased doe, Maci, for meat pens for the county fair. Something new this year! He has to pick out 3 rabbits, and they have to be pretty much exactly the same size/weight--pretty much identical.  They can not be more than 70 days old, and they can't weigh more than 5lbs but over 3lbs. Challenging!!!  I think it will be great for him to try something new!!


princessdiva said...

Oh, they are SO cute!! How you guys can keep all those names straight, I'll never know--I can't even keep the names of my kids straight--let alone a bunch of rabbits that all look alike! Good luck!