Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ever Wonder?

 What 32 rabbits in the back of a 1986 van looks like?? In case you have, it looks like this:

We have 11 kids enrolled in the rabbit project for 4-H this year, but D and I were worried they would not know where to get rabbits from.  (Pet stores and auctions are NOT good places to get buns.)  Long story short, we mentioned this to a breeder buddy, who mentioned to HIS breeder buddy, who mentioned it to HIS breeder thing we know my men are unloading 32 rabbits that these guys donated to the kids.  (I'm telling you, the nicest people in the world all show rabbits!!)

We've already re-homed 7 of them and hope the rest go home today.  If not, we are thinking some of the surrounding 4-H county's will have a use for them.  They are all on my porch, and still in their carriers. Hoping to be able to find cages for all of them to get into and stretch out pretty soon!


princessdiva said...

That's a lot of rabbits!! Hope you find homes for them soon-but we don't need any, so don't even think about gifting them to daycare kids!!

Michael said...

Remember.....Mothers day is coming up!! Have all your kids take one home to 'mom'....!!!! :-)

Becky said...

And it would be so RUDE to RETURN a GIFT! ;-)

princessdiva said...

Umm, I think that Cami has come down with something, I think we might not be at daycare this week. . .and maybe not the next week either. . .not sure what it is, but pretty sure it won't go away until the bunnies all have homes :-)