Friday, May 28, 2010

Signs That It's Here!!

Tents and sleepovers and non-stop laughing.

My very favorite wildflowers blooming everywhere at the farm.

D's smoker all fired up, and an ice cold BUD while waiting.

Grilled corn on the cob!


Meg said...

I LOVE it! Can't get enough of it! I love those wildflowers too...and I've been wanting to stop along the highway and pick some, but I'm too afraid I might find a snake too!

princessdiva said...

And you forgot to mention lounging outside in the warm evenings, sleeping with the windows open, and smelling freshly cut grass!! I love it too!! Especially the cold beer and smoker part! Have a great day!!

Sara said...

Jeremy picked some of those wildflowers for me for my birthday yesterday! They are beautiful, but boy are they making our noses itchy! You also forgot the swimming pool...I saw a pretty big smile on the faces of your boys yesterday! Bring on summer!