Monday, May 3, 2010

Almost There

The school year is almost over!! Our family is so ready for a little R&R!  The countdown has began!  It seems most of our life mainly consists of passing each other in and out the door.  We put a NO SPORTS rule into effect for the summer, so that means no baseball.  J doesn't seem to really care, but T is a bit ticked about it. I almost gave in, but have been strong so far!  I just want NOTHING to worry about this summer--no practices, no games....the thought actually seems strange to me at this point.  It hasn't happened for a VERY LONG time.

Thursday we spent a windy afternoon in Greensburg at J's track meet!! It was my only one I got to go to this season, but I enjoyed watching him!!  We were there about 4 hours, and T started complaining he was bored about 15 minutes in.   I mortified him by screaming at his brother as he was running by. (His exact words where:  "MOM! What the heck??   I am going to pretend like I don't know who you are!")   =)

Something else we are doing is making sure all of the boys' projects for the fair are done BEFORE we go on vacation.  I informed D we only had one month, and a week left before we went, and the only response I got was bugged out eyes.  Hmmm...I guess I need to get everyone pointed in that direction.

Remember me writing about J's doe he was waiting to give birth? The one he was using for the meat pen for the fair?  Well, she had *2* babies, and one was still born.  =(  This is his first experience with a still born, and he was very upset. (I am hoping he realizes more what us mamas have to go through to get our babies here!  He turned several shades of green while watching that poor bun give birth.)  The baby had a lot of bruising, and had been stuck for a little bit.   He always learns something with them.  Anyway, meat pen will wait yet ANOTHER year, I guess, since you can't do a meat pen with one baby and he can't rebreed because of  the min weight and age...they wouldn't make weight by fairtime.
He's named the new baby "UNO".  hehe  Baby UNO is being closely watched, as sometimes single babies don't stay warm enough since there are no brothers and sisters to curl up with.

I can't ever say my life is dull.  ;-)

 I snapped this picture yesterday of J's cal babies snoozing.   Can you just see what that poor girl is saying??  I've looked that way MANY MANY times since becoming a mom!


Melanie said...

We need to decide what our kids are going to be doing for woodworking!! July will be here before we know it!! This morning I decided Dev should make Cami a step stool. . .so she can get up on the potty by herself!!

Sara said...

I give you props for saying no sports during the summer...mainly because I know I could never do it! I like them too much...even though the crazy schedule makes our life pretty hectic. Cute bunnies too...Jeremy keeps telling Preston that we will get some, since he had them when he was younger. We will probably be needing some "bunny" advice through the years. Hope UNO stays warm!