Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Hate Weeds

This afternoon found me out in the garden.  Frustrated.  I didn't put newspaper down a couple of weeks ago when I was mulching. Just laid the straw over the dirt.  Isn't working. At all.  So I started raking up the straw and got about 1/8 of the way done before I just burst out in tears and went inside.  The wind was blowing so the newspaper wouldn't lay down. I kept looking all the rest I had to do instead of what I had gotten done.  Some of the weeds now are taller than some of my pepper plants.  *Sigh*  D finally took pity on me and told me this week we would all work out there for just a little bit each evening and get it knocked out pretty fast. 

I did get my gourds and pumpkins planted though.  And my herb garden weeded.

Otherwise we had a nice relaxing weekend.  On baby watch for Rosie. Dad and I think it will be Memorial Day, J thinks Wednesday, and D thinks it will be whenever she drops a calf.  hehe  It's almost as exciting as waiting on a new human baby!!   My boys are really getting an "education" as we watch and start to see the signs of impending labor.  Some they thing are amazing, others they think are gross gross gross!! 

I found that one of my very favorite baby Hotots has what is called Simple Malocclusion of her teeth.  This means she can't be shown nor be used for breeding.   It seems to ALWAYS be something with our hobby!!   It's the first time we've ever seen it in any of our bunnies, and dwarfs are prone to it because of their head size.  We love to learn, but it stinks when you see something on one of you favorite animals and think THAT'S what that looks like." 

Loving the season!! I have a ROCKIN tan on my feet where my flip flop straps are at! ;-) The pool opened yesterday and last night/all of today found me with a red-eyed, sun burned, water logged, grouchy, grumpy, 10 year old. The first day always kicks their butts.   I'm loving having them home, and loving not having anything to do at the moment!!  We've got plans to get out fishing sometime really soon!! 


princessdiva said...

That is the bad thing about using newspaper. . .if you don't wait till there is virtually no wind, it just PISSES you off!! I have spent evenings lying on top of the papers waiting for someone to haul me some straw!! Good luck! Live and learn girlfriend, live and learn! :-)

Michael said...

I found that if you dampen the paper a bit that it will stay put until you can get the straw on it. Just makes it easier once it is layed out.

Rhonda said...

I hope you can get your yard things done O.K. Wind can be absolutely frustrating at times!

Saw the pool full of water when we were up there Thur. and Fri. That's starting to sound good - down here, it's supposed to hit 105 degrees this weekend!!!

"Ahhh ... summer." :) Enjoy your days!

David in Kansas said...

Even after I got my newspaper to stay and put the wood chips on top, the wind just picked it up and tossed the woods chips all over the place. Sigh! I feel your pain. My battle is with crab-grass. Weeds I can handle but I have found crabgrass growing 6 inches under ground trying to get under a plastic barrier.