Monday, May 24, 2010


I feel as though I have not blogged forever, but I guess it's only been about a week!!  Life is busy, but hoping it will wind down very soon with school getting out for the summer tomorrow!  I am really looking forward to not having to get these dragons out of bed every morning, and for 4 days a week, I get to sleep in an extra half an hour!!

I am not sure if it is just us, but we have already killed 2 BIG snakes this year, as well as a teeny tiny ring necked snake.   UGH.  Lucky for me, my men have gotten to be pretty good shots, and they like to "protect" their screaming, sobbing mother.

Bunny Barn News:  All babies have been weaned.  Its a sad time out there as the babies are really upset for a day or two, and the mom's come up to the door and act like they are trying to tell you something is wrong. "Can you help me find my babies?"  =-(  J will be re-breeding all Cal does the first part of June for his meat pen for State Fair. He didn't qualify to show in the 4-H show there,  but decided he would like to just show it in open.  
T decided he would rather go to the rabbit show than hunt rocks so that is what we are doing.  It's a double show, with a bunch of specialty shows.  They are excited and *I* am excited to FINALLY get to show my Hotots! We are taking everything we want to show to these shows and will have to take 2 cars. One for the buns, one for the kids!!

STILL waiting on Rosie to have her calf.  We figure she will have it the day AFTER we leave for vacation.