Thursday, April 8, 2010


After 28 weeks of love and extra attention, I've been rewarded with my very first green egg from the "babies"!!  And today was the day that my HUSBAND went out to the coop to get eggs. (I usually do it, or one of the boys.) Oh well. 
There are 2 more Easter Eggers out there who shouldn't be very far behind!!

I think it's beautiful! ;-)  It's so "egg-citing!"


Michael said...

Like I told Jake the other day: Have yourself some 'green eggs & ham"!! :-)

princessdiva said...

Mike, you stole my comment!! I was going to say "Move over bacon, here comes Green eggs and ham" Darn you!! Glad they are 'a layin!
Let me know when the golden eggers start layin! :-)

Rhonda said...

How neat! If eggs can be considered "pretty," those sure are. :) Love the colored shells!