Thursday, April 22, 2010


 Melanie recently told me about this great company to order plants from called High Country Gardens. I think she was sick of me complaining about my dry sticks with roots I had been receiving and brought me catalog. ;-). I picked out a pre-planned garden called Summer Sanctuary. It's for a small space and I did this so I could still order and plant some "must haves" that I'd also picked out along with the pre-planned bed. hehe Anyway, I've impatiently been waiting on the UPS truck to get here--much like a mom waiting on a new baby--and today was the day! I am BEYOND THRILLED with these plants. They are big. They are green. They are happy. I am hoping to get them planted this weekend. Its suppose to storm tonight so I didn't want them to get beaten to death the first night they were in the ground!!

My herb garden is looking good. It makes me smile! I had ordered some Lavender, but Melanie also brought me some of her Lavender. It's a different kind than the one I ordered and I am so happy with it! It smells like Heaven!!  I recently came across some recipes with Lavender in a magazine I get and I'm anxious to try a couple of them.

We are hoping to get the tomatoes and peppers in the ground this weekend, but I need to look and see the next good planting days are. 

If you haven't been at my house lately my husband has been busy. If you are a tree or bush here on our property, you should be afraid. He has ripped and pulled out so many trees this season!! Its wonderful to have a more open yard. Love it!!

We also cleaned out our garage...which we had never ever used for anything except to store junk...and converted it into a bunny barn. No more running out to cover up the bunnies in the middle of a rain storm!! We have a new system of hanging cages in there. We are fancy now!!

Hope everyone is enjoying spring!


Michael said...

You are so much like your Grandma Katy!! She is more and more visible in you each day.

Becky said...

Awww....=) That makes me smile. Thanks, Dad!

princessdiva said...

Hee, Haw!! I am ITCHING to get my fingers in the dirt!! Monday is the next good day to plant--luckily it will just be "breezy" and not "windy" like today!! And,I HAVE to get out Mon and get it done. Will dig up some more goodies for you!

Rhonda said...

LOL - "dry sticks with roots!" A long time ago, a friend of mine ordered some bushes that would grow into a hedge. When she got them they were, like you say, dry sticks with roots. That new stuff you ordered sounds great. :)

That sounds interesting about how you have your rabbit cages in the garage now. That will be handy!