Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Boys of Fall

Its that time of year again! Football season. And living with a house full of boys, I've come to just come to accept the fact that the bigger the bruise, the higher the hi-five.

Tristen is sporting jersey number 80 this year.

He was SO excited to look out and see Michelle sitting with us. Her college is only a half hour from where his first game was at. She and her boyfriend showed up to surprise T. 

Jacob is playing his first year of high school ball. I had a funny teary moment at the first game. Every one lines up, the drums beat, everyone claps and screams as the boys run by.  I looked around and was like what the HECK am I DOING HERE?? Do I REALLY have a kid out there playing BALL???

Fall means bonfires...

..and pep rallies.
 Jacob is rocking jersey number 86.

I did get some pictures of Jacob playing in the game, but my camera just stinks at taking night time sports pictures. *sigh*

 Anyway, both boys teams won their first games, with the high school team beating a huge rivalry 0 to 50 or something like that.

Another fall "thing" going on around here is hunting season. Jacob has been out dove hunting, and his really anxious for deer season to get here. 
He's been out several times and has got a nice little stash of dove in the freezer.. He doesn't even think to ask his mom to clean them. HA!  He just does the job, and gets them put away in the freezer.

And this guy wasn't as lucky, but is just happy to be out sporting the orange after completing his hunters safety course a couple of weeks ago!

September is finding us running our tail ends off, with at least 2, sometimes 3, football games a week. We also have something going on every single weekend this month. We decided to skip the showing part at the state fair this year, but the boys are both sending 4-H items--T's Monster Jelly, as well as his peanut butter cake, and Jacob is sending a photo. 

Fall is HERE! 


Melanie said...

IT is crazy busy isn't it!! I just finished printing some pictures off for their record books!! Don't forget about our girls trip to Lion King on the 16th!!! It'll be a BLAST!!

Sara said...

I really like the HS boys new jerseys...they look so sleek and current! We are collecting a nice stash of dove in the freezer as well. It takes a million of them to make a meal :)