Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Football Moms

This was shared with me by another football mom. I love it!

In the fall, it is time for the football season.
Mothers go to the game, but for one reason.  What is the reason?
Let there be no denial.
It's to see if her son gets up from the pile!

Oh, she may have lots of pep, and do it all the cheers.
And she hasn't missed a game in many a year.
But she doesn't do it just to keep in style.
It's to see if her son gets up from the pile.

Jacob (86) and his best buddies on the FB boys homecoming float

She keeps track of the score and acts very alert.
Wondering how to get those bloodstains out of his shirt.
She always sits on her seat right on the aisle.
Just in case he doesn't get up from the pile!

When the whistle blows, she strains her eyes
For the jersey number she's memorized.
She'll sit quite still, heart stopped all the while,
Til' she sees that number get up from the pile!

She'll stand and shout, "My son stopped that play!"
"Sit down, dear, he clipped." is all Dad can say,
She may not know a punt from a telephone dial.
But she knows when her son gets up from the pile!

Tristen, 80, on the end.

Good ol' Mom, she's a dear, and your very best fan,
But you'll be her little boy even when your a man.
She makes all your games, you think with a smile,
Just to see if "her baby" gets up from the pile! 


Melanie said...

You are too funny. .I packed my copy along today to post it on my blog ;-) I love it. .and so true. .at least for this MOM!!

Sara said...

That's cute! It's hard work being a football mom...I am finding out!