Friday, October 19, 2012

10 Friday Thoughts

1. I am sick of fundraisers. Jacob has had 4 since school started.

2. My front porch looks like it could be on Hoarders. Must get that cleaned off this weekend.

3. 8 days until ARBA Convention

4. In the past week, Jacob has gotten a car and a job. When did this growing up happen and where was I?

5. I need to find a finger food for a banquet Monday night. I hate coming up with finger food. So much easier to come up with a side dish.

6. The steers for the new 4-H year will be arriving this weekend. I haven't recovered from the fair and already have new ones have arrived.

7. I sound like a whiny baby in this post, don't I?

8.  I love fall. The mornings are beautiful.

9. Tristen's last game was last week. I love football, but sure am enjoying seeing him getting off the bus after school and not having to worry about Friday practices.

10.  Our poor sweet Anna kitty got the snot beat out of her late last Friday night by a big ol tomcat. She's been limping around pretty good ever since.  =(

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! 


Melanie said...

That was a mouthful!! Hope life calms down!! Enjoy a peaceful weekend!