Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting OFF the HARD Stuff

I've got a problem. This first step is admittance, right?

My name is Becky, and it has been 24 days since my last soda.

My eyes are no longer glowing red, the headaches have stopped, and I don't feel as though I am going to die at any moment now.

I always justified my soda love as not being a "true" problem, because I would only have one a day. Two, on a bad or PMS day.  Not 12 packs, or a case..and I DO know people who do this.

I started to notice my sugar cravings were through the roof, all the time. ALL THE TIME.   I would pace when I knew Dan should be home for lunch, so I could run out and get my daily bottle of fizz. This REALLY started to bug me. I finally realized how unhappy and miserable this was making me feel.

So, I quit.

I DID have about an inch of Pepsi in a solo cup on Christmas Eve. I was  A. shocked at how sweet it was after not having it for a bit.  B. Shocked, AGAIN, when the sugar cravings started as soon as it got into my system.

So for right now, I'm treating it like a bit of a toxic substance. 

How am I feeling?? Fantastic!  I can NOT believe how much clearer headed I am. No longer having the pacing-need-to-get-sugar-in-NOW symptoms. I'm sure my kidneys are cheering in relief. And as of this morning, I was down 8 lbs.  I can say I'm sure its not just from cutting out the soda, but I KNOW cutting out the soda has cut sugar and carb cravings, which has almost just naturally improved my eating habits. So in a round about way, it IS from the soda.

Next up is to curb my coffee creamer habit!

But it's all about baby steps, right? ;)


April said...

Great job! I stopped drinking a few years ago and quickly lost about 7 pounds without doing anything else. Unfortunately I've started drinking it again and really need to quit for good!

Melanie said...

People can lose THIRTY pounds in a YEAR. .just by cutting out their pop. .that is. .if they don't replace it with wine. .or diet soda!! Good for you!! Keep up the good work!

Sara said...

Good for you! I have quit on two different occasions...during pregnancies and once during some health issues. BUT, once all that was over I went right back to my cold hard D.P. I have had to cut back to one can a day and it has to be early in the day or the caffeine keeps me up at night. Man it stinks getting OLD!! I'm glad you have been able to get off the sugar and that you are feeling the benefits of it!