Thursday, January 31, 2013


This video from our national convention was just posted and I wanted to share. IS 2 hours long.  The cavy (guinea pig) BIS ceremony is first but I broke it down in case any of you want to jump ahead and see Jacob. It goes cavy, youth rabbit, and then open rabbit ceremony.

36:25 Beginning of Youth BIS
40:14 Jacob bringing Gunner out
40:25 Rick Lehman announcing "THE HAVANA" and everyone cheering.
45:49 Judge pulling Gunner out for the first of three times
51:24 The beautiful Tan that beat Gunner in the Group 3 judging.
55:08 Brit runs up Judge Wade Burkhalter's chest/shoulder.
1:01:04  Judge has Gunner out again, over by the coops.
1:05:05  Judge that did the group 3 youth telling the youth "they rock!" and announcing his group winner.
1:13:34  Tex Thomas finishing up judging for BIS, and announcing the winner.
1:19:15 Netherland dwarf and owner being presented with trophy and cash prize

I hope you will watch a little of this, and see a little why we love this hobby so very much. =)


Sara said...

So what's it like to live with a celebrity? Is he picky and needy and act like a diva now that he has some screen time? I hope you're not having to cater too much!!

P.S. I'm talking about the bunny!!!