Monday, February 4, 2013


I have spring fever SO very bad.  I have so many projects I can't WAIT to get started on. Projects that I'm sure will be forgotten about when the summer heat starts, but I'm not thinking of that now! ;)

I recently went and picked up an old sewing machine base, and came home with the base AND an old window from an old hotel here in town.  THIS is the end result:

I just finalized vacation plans for this summer.  I had done nothing but think of the beach for a few days when Tristen came up to me and asked if we could JUST PLEASE go to the ocean again this summer. Apparently, we are cut from the same cloth and require salt water on our skin every few years to keep us going.
It won't be a long vacation..more like a really long weekend, but we found someplace close where we can leave and get there the same day.  

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

And our family is growing. Oh no. Not me. Please..close your mouth.  I am going to be an Auntie again!  My sister Michelle is going to be a momma, and is due September 1st.  I went with her to a recent doctors appointment and her sonogram. I know I've given birth 2 times, but sometimes you just forget the miracle of it all. Hearing that little tiny heartbeat come through that doppler.. is absolutely AMAZING! 


Melanie said...

I was able to score a couple of those same windows yesterday too. .Kelsey is going to be SO excited with all the JUNK he will have to piece together to make my dream come true!! I'm afraid that I don't care if spring comes or not. .I am still so disgusted with the lack of grass and destitue appearance of my gardens! I keep hoping for some spunk!!

Sara said...

Love what you did with your window! Best wishes for Michelle and spring can definitely not get here fast enough!!!!

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Love the old window. Looks good. How are you going to use the sewing machine base.
Great that you have your vacation planned. I keep telling a friend of mine who complains that they never get a trip together to just plan it!

Rhonda said...

Praying Michelle gets along fine - you are right about hearing the heartbeat. :)