Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow DAY!

Is there anything better than a snow day?? How about *2* of them??

It started snowing around 2:30am Wednesday morning. I had a serious bout of insomnia that night, and was awake from 12:30 until 4, so I watched it come in.  It's almost like waiting for Santa. There is something magical about watching and waiting for a storm to come in.

Sometimes the snowflakes were itty bitty, swirling around as they fell. Other times they were big and fat beautiful flakes, falling straight down and plopping on the ground.. Its a wonderful thick wet snow, that makes the trees bend from the weight.

So far, we have about 14 inches. Its suppose to snow all through today, stopping early this evening.

Lots of white out there!

Deep muddy hoof prints

I'm enjoying having my boys around. Yesterday Tristen made chocolate Reese's cookies, and Jacob made No-Bakes. I plan on making a batch of blueberry biscuits just as soon as my little daycare boy eats lunch and takes his nap.

Nothing like warm milk on a chilly snowy day!

I just love her. See her little pink tongue?

THIS snow...this snow will hopefully quench our parched land. It will not fix the damage of horrible drought of the past couple of years, but THIS SNOW will make our farmers smile a little more.

Tree row at the farm

Dads wood at the farm. Good thing the boys loaded him up inside before the storm hit.

  We've got another storm that is suppose to hit on Sunday. I'm starting  to feel like a caged lion, but everyone keeps reminded me to think about the moisture, and how green my yard will be soon!


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The moisture is so needed that I don't think I've heard anyone actually complain about the snow. We've dug out and are ready for more I guess. Nice to stay in and make those treats.

Sara said...

OMG...I am like a caged mama lion with full grown cubs who refuse to leave!! I'm not sure I can handle anymore snow days...well, okay I will manage. I really do like having my kiddos home, but I'm not sure THEY like being together so much. OF course, living on the ranch with two big worry worts, makes for a very stressful few days.

Melanie said...

How about FOUR snow days!! At least the sun is shining this morning. .and the crew can get OUT of the house!! Enjoy your day. .I am off again today. .Working all day Wed AND Thursday. .just because I can ;-)