Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Blessings

Last night we celebrated my dad's 56 birthday. I had called him to come in and "eat birthday cake" with us, but we really had planned a pizza party and cinnamon rolls, complete with a surprise visit from my sister, Tarquin, and Baby Jayden.

 We are loud. And rambunctious. And some of us make inappropriate body noises while trying to take pictures. Some of us whine about pictures. Some of us don't know how to work cameras.  But together...we are US.


Everything is better with a birthday candle!!

My parents and their GRAND-blessings

Sometimes it takes us a few tries to get a decent picture:



But eventually we get something decent!


My siblings and our children, with my dad. This picture makes me laugh every stinking time I look at it. We did get a good picture, but I love this one. 

And here is the whole lot, minus my mom, who was taking the picture.



Melanie said...

Love those pictures!! I WISH I could have been there to take one with your mom in it too!! You REALLY need to do that so the WHOLE family is in that. .I promise you. .from one who knows. .That LAST photo that has the whole crew in it. .will become more important than you could even imagine at this point in your life!! Next time all your people will be home. .CALL ME. .I'll gladly come snap a few with your mom in the photo too!! I'll bet your dad was blessed beyond his imagination to have everyone there, gathered in his honor!! Good for you!

Sara said...

I agree with a neighbor...anyone! Just get your mom in that photo! You'll be so glad you did. Off my soapbox now. Our family photos always seem to require multiple takes as well. And that candle just made the cinnamon roll ;)

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed the pictures! LOL about trying to get a "good" one. :D