Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Reflections, 2014 Goals

2013 will be a year I won't ever forget. It wasn't all bad. It was a lot like a really good book that had a super sad ending.

In 2013:

We lost my Dad.

I watched my baby sister become a mom, to a chubby little brown eyed guy.

I lost 40 lbs--which I STILL can't believe I did! ME!

Didn't drink a single DROP of soda .Not a ONE!

I did a 5 AND a 10K. Again, ME! I did that!

Successfully showed in open Havanas in October for the first time. I say it was a success because I was positive I  was going to be eaten for lunch. I was more than pleased to come home with a Best Opposite of Breed,  as well both chocolate variety wins in the specialty show.

2014 Goals

Lose more weight..this one doesn't scare me at all anymore.

Start running more..and TOTALLY RUN a 5K sometime this year. Yea..this one scares me...which tells me I NEED to do it...just as soon as it gets a little warmer outside. ;)

Put a certain amount in our savings account.

Did you make any goals for this year? 


Melanie said...

Goals for this girl. .Decrease sugar and high fat food content. .Study in depth 3 more books of the bible. .Trust God to clean up what's left of my potty mouth. .Read more about important things, and give up hobbies and idle time that will have no eternal or long lasting consequences!! I also want to improve my prayer life. .Not quite the same sort of goal list I have had in the past. .but then, I am not the same woman I was in the past!! Good luck with your running. .can't wait till you RUN that first 5K!!